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200 Minutes?

It’s been a long week, just ordered pizza. My confirmation says:

10:08PM (in 200 minutes).

Really? 200 minutes? So, I called the store, they finally answered. So when they told me it would be an hour to an hour 15, I was relieved/happy? What happened to 30 minutes or it’s free?

I think we have survived the 1st week back from school (although Em has a bit of a fever tonight and she’s wearing a jacket). Got an email from one teacher thanking us “cool parents” for getting the forms in on time! 🙂

One school project is complete, an “about me” hat. I helped Emilee “sew” the pictures to the hat because tape wasn’t sticking so good. Adam is working on a “totem pole”, he took xrays of when his arm was broken and mangled for that! Thank goodness, that’s being constructed “at school”.

The pizza is here! It didn’t take 200 minutes! about 45 🙂

It’s “back to school” this week and I have to admit I’ve been pretty excited.  I work from my home office and it’s been a long summer for me and my 3 kids.  A home office has lots of pros, but there’s con’s as well.  Mom working from home means friends can’t come over and be rowdy, mom is often “on the phone in a meeting”, etc.

Anyway, I was excited until my kids came home with their “folder of forms” that have to be filled out.  These irritate the daylights out of me.  For each kid, I have to write our name, address, phone number, emails, cell phones, neighbors, etc. at least 5 times.  Of course I want the school system to get medical treatment for my kids if they have a medical emergency at school, and I want them to be able to contact me.  If I thought they would actually pull these forms out of some file cabinet at that time I might not be so irritated.  But, I KNOW they already have all of this information in their computer system and that’s the source if the need to contact me arises.  So, in my way of thinking, they just need to print out the info that’s in their system, send it home, let me verify it and make changes, DONE!

So this is not some concerto that I’ve been “workin up”, these are the dang forms that I have to complete for just 1 kid. 

And that doesn’t include the form for “each class” they are taking!  I already sent those in, but not without drama!  My response to the “Can your parents help you with your homework?” question for 8th grade math (Alegebra I) caused a major meltdown with 14 year old daughter.  I have a computer science degree, I’m not the sharpest tack in the box, but I can solve an equation for some unknowns!  Yes, I can!  “NO MAMA, you can’t help me with my home work, remember last year you helped me and I got two wrong??!!”  OK, I’m a little rusty at complex fractions!!  So, she insisted that I check the “My parents are idiots box”.  Fine! 🙂

Here’s the stack of other stuff I need to read and sign a form to say I’ve read and agree! And I’m not explaining the turtle, because I have no idea!

And if you can name a song that in the “Biggest Hits of 1989/90” I will give you some kudos or something! 🙂

OK, I think I’ve finished my rant and I feel better!!

I bought a cool necklace today!

I’ve never bought a necklace at church before until today.

Jared Miller the Director for an organization called Sisters of Rwanda spoke briefly at church today. The organization helps oppressed women in Rwanda to become financially independent. They make beads from “trash paper” and create beautiful necklaces. They have created a jewely line called Keza which is the word for “beautiful” in their language.

I will add a link to the organization and here’s a picture of the necklace I bought today, love it!

Is it a Granny Bonnet?

I’ve started talking about “why have a blog site” a bit on the “ABOUT” page.

So, I’m just gonna get right to reporting recent projects.  Over the years, I’ve made a ton of these drawstring jewelry bags.  People usually like them.  I’ve given away or sold all I’ve ever made, I don’t know why I don’t make one for myself!  But the last two people that I’ve given them too, have sorta looked at them and said, “is it a granny bonnet?” 🙂

These are easy and fun to make, circles of fabric sewn together.  The smallest is sewn to the largest so that it sorta looks like a “pie” .  I then sew a circle in around where all the pieces intersect and it forms 8 pockets inside the jewelry bag.  I use an eyelet stitch to make “holes” for the drawstring casing.