It’s been a long week, just ordered pizza. My confirmation says:

10:08PM (in 200 minutes).

Really? 200 minutes? So, I called the store, they finally answered. So when they told me it would be an hour to an hour 15, I was relieved/happy? What happened to 30 minutes or it’s free?

I think we have survived the 1st week back from school (although Em has a bit of a fever tonight and she’s wearing a jacket). Got an email from one teacher thanking us “cool parents” for getting the forms in on time! 🙂

One school project is complete, an “about me” hat. I helped Emilee “sew” the pictures to the hat because tape wasn’t sticking so good. Adam is working on a “totem pole”, he took xrays of when his arm was broken and mangled for that! Thank goodness, that’s being constructed “at school”.

The pizza is here! It didn’t take 200 minutes! about 45 🙂