A few weeks ago I was able to sneak away and attend the AQS Quilt show at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville.  It had been a couple of years since I made this show.  I was very pleased to find an exhibit by the “Chicago School of Fusing“.

I’ve enjoyed the work of a couple of the founding faculty members, Melody Johnson and Laura Wasilowski, for a long time.  I always vistied and bought their hand-dyed fabric and other wares at their ArtFabrik booth at the quilt show in Paducah.  Laura and Melody were always alot of fun with wonderfully sarcastic senses of humor. 

These quilts were made by Frieda Anderson another CSOF faculty member.  They are equally stunning from a distance and close-up.



One more…

Make sure to visit the link above to see more quilts, more pictures, her blog, her inspiration, etc.

You can look at my Flickr stream for some more pix from the quilt show. =>

Of course there were vendors galore, and I made some contributions buying patterns, a few packs of fabrics, a couple of tools and gizmos.  I was really looking for some fun, quick projects. I hope to turn some of this inspiration into some actual “works” soon! And as I think about it, inspiration is not my problem. I’ve always said I’ve got a hyperactive mind, but just not the body to go with it. The problem is “getting it done and producing results”. I guess that could be a topic for a whole “nuther” blog. I have been sewing a little bit this week, and if I’d get away from this computer, I might get a project done!