Emilee came home from Grammy’s today and was very happy with her corner! 🙂  It still needs work, but I got the sewing stuff cleared out.  I covered the homosote “design” wall with bright blue crushed velvet panne.  Man alive, that is stretchy stuff!! 

I hung a couple of  “in progress” probably never to be finished quilts at the top of the wall.  The one is the center was made by Libby Lehman and is featured in her book Threadplay.  She is my favorite quilter/teacher.  It’s been too long since I’ve taken a class with her!!

Em's Corner - Progress
I’ll give Emilee a couple of days to add her “touch” to the space.  I’ve also got some more cleaning/restacking/organizing to do in the rest of the room.

Back to work tomorrow after a long holiday break!!