I think I started this blog a couple of years ago. As you can tell, not alot of activity! It’s not that I don’t have alot to say, but I wonder if anyone is interested in hearing it! 🙂 At the beginning of the year, I made the big ole get in shape and get healthy resolution and have made some big changes and making some progress. Also, we have been going thru the process to build a new house. This is exciting. Keith and I started out in a 12×50, 1966 mobile home that cost $2500. We’ve moved a few times since then, and this house should have a good amount of family living space, and hopefully enough bathrooms to keep the drama down! I plan to track the new house progress, whine about how sore my muscles are from the gym, and hopefully report on some good music I’ve scene/heard. And maybe I will get back to more of the creative sewing stuff that I enjoy doing.

Here it goes “about me”, this is going to take a little time to refine I have a feeling.  I’m interested in alot of things.  I’ve said many times before that I have a hyperactive mind, but not a hyperactive body to go with it. 

Mom of 3 – 16 year old boy/girl twins, 12 year old daughter, wife, mess maker, trying to get organized, trying to find balance, loves home dec magazines, Project Manager for large computer services company, stressed out Mom, Christian – but a bit renegade, believe you serve God best by serving others, talents seem to be quilting/sewing fiber arts, small scale gardening, flowers, satire, I love a good bargain, I like nice stuff but I hate paying “retail”


My favorite channels on TV are HGTV and Food Network.  My favorite celebrity designer is Candace Olson.  My favortie FoodNetwork celebs are Paula Deen and Rachael Ray, but Tyler Florence can come cook for me anytime! 🙂

I don’t watch many “series”.  I like Grey’s Anatomy and American Idol

My favorite movies are “O Brother Where Art Thou”, “Blues Brothers” and “Dirty Dancing”.


This may take a while to get it all down.  But I LOVE music!  I love LIVE music.  I love a soulful voice and a wailing guitar.  Early Rod Stewart is my all time favorite.  I love Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, find myself into the “Blues” more and more all the time.  I wish I was a musician, I play guitar and piano a “little bit”.

Living near Nashville, I go out to listen to live music as often as I can. I go see Kris Bell, The Levees, Jack Pearson, Bart Walker Band, Stephen Cochran, any band Reese Wynans, Michael Rhodes or Kenny Greenberg are playing with. Need to add Rob Robinson, Rebecca Correia, Brother Trouble, Rivers Rutherford, Ashley Cleveland, and I know I’m living some out to the list.