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Emilee came home from Grammy’s today and was very happy with her corner! ūüôā¬† It still needs work, but I got the sewing stuff cleared out.¬† I covered the homosote “design” wall with bright blue crushed velvet panne.¬† Man alive, that is stretchy stuff!!¬†

I hung a couple of¬† “in progress” probably never to be finished quilts at the top of the wall.¬† The one is the center was made by Libby Lehman and is featured in her book Threadplay.¬† She is my favorite quilter/teacher.¬† It’s been too long since I’ve taken a class with her!!

Em's Corner - Progress
I’ll give Emilee a couple of days to add her “touch” to the space.¬† I’ve also got some more cleaning/restacking/organizing to do in the rest of the room.

Back to work tomorrow after a long holiday break!!

Emilee’s Corner

I read thru my resolutions that I blogged about on MySpace  last year.  I still need to work on the same resolutions!

But I do like New Years and New Beginnings. 

My girls have been begging for their own rooms.¬† We live in a 3 bedroom house with 3 kids, so had to brainstorm to come up with “a way”.¬† I know alot of larger families grew up in smaller houses, but I finally got my own room when I was about 13 and I loved it.¬† It was my refuge, ¬†so I “get” how much it means to want your own space.¬† I still like having my own space.¬†¬† When we moved to TN and was house shopping in 1993,¬† one thing I wanted was a room for my sewing/quilting “studio”.¬†¬† The house we bought has¬†pretty large bonus room, and I have it crammed full of “stuff”.¬†

We’ve thought about¬†“adding on” to the house, but time, energy and budget never seem to be aligned.¬† The best solution we can come up with for now is for me to “share” the bonus room with my 10 year old daughter, Emilee.¬†¬† So, I’ve spent the day trying to move stuff around to find a place for her bed,¬†and a place for¬†some of her “stuff” and clothes.¬†¬†¬†Emilee is in KY until Sunday, she stayed with my mom¬†when we¬†visted last weekend.¬† So she’s hoping to come¬†home to a new “space”.¬† Emilee likes to sew, craft and all of that, so I think she will be happy having¬†the craft room be part of her space.¬†¬† I work from home¬†from this space as well, so that’s something I’m going to have to figure out.¬† But with wireless connections I can be pretty mobile.¬†¬†

Here’s the “before” of Emilee’s Corner, I’ll post updates as this progresses.¬†

Emilee's Corner - Before

Hmmm,¬† found this in my “unpublished” list, looks like I started it on 11/21……..

I don’t know what’s up but I found myself sorta getting into the holiday spirit this morning!!¬†

I’ve been a bit funky, blah lately and I’m tired of it!¬† Lots of stuff going on, sick kids, estate stuff, work stuff, stuff piled up everywhere, just stuff!

I’ve been getting out to see quite a bit of live music, which is good!¬† You can go over to my myspace and check some pics and see some video.¬† Recently I was at one of those shows in Nashville where you never know who might show up.¬† I ended up sitting next to Bonnie Bramlett, singin’ and swayin’ along with her while Billy Swan sang, “I Can Help”.¬† that’s just crazy!¬† Delbert McClinton was there, a bunch of Muscle Shoals “swampers” good times.

Also been to several writers nights, it’s always inspiring to me to go hear aspiring artists play.¬† People going after their “dream”.¬† One show I attended with my friend Patty and my daughter Chelsea was an instore gig at Best Buy,¬† Kevin Lawson, Billy Montana and Keni Thomas were playing.¬†¬† Great guys, and read their back stories here’s some guys that are “making a difference” while pursing their dreams.¬†¬† Anyway, I think a couple of things I saw on Keni’s album cover and in an interview helped me readjust, you just never know when you are gonna get one of those “messages from God”.

So, now I’m fired up!¬† LOL

I’ve got a theme for the annual Gray Family Cookbook, Soup’s On!

I ordered a Christmas Present, shopping has begun.

I’ve got 3 or 4 live music gigs that I’m looking forward too, Bluebird this Saturday, Jeffrey Steele on the 29th, Black Honey (new to me band with players I know) on Dec 12.

200 Minutes?

It’s been a long week, just ordered pizza. My confirmation says:

10:08PM (in 200 minutes).

Really? 200 minutes? So, I called the store, they finally answered. So when they told me it would be an hour to an hour 15, I was relieved/happy? What happened to 30 minutes or it’s free?

I think we have survived the 1st week back from school (although Em has a bit of a fever tonight and she’s wearing a jacket). Got an email from one teacher thanking us “cool parents” for getting the forms in on time! ūüôā

One school project is complete, an “about me” hat. I helped Emilee “sew” the pictures to the hat because tape wasn’t sticking so good. Adam is working on a “totem pole”, he took xrays of when his arm was broken and mangled for that! Thank goodness, that’s being constructed “at school”.

The pizza is here! It didn’t take 200 minutes! about 45 ūüôā