John Mellencamp has a song with a line that has really hit me the past few weeks, “Life Is Short, even in the longest days”. 

I have learned to just “hang on” and see what happens the last week of August, many of them over the years have been life changing for me.  The past few years have been pretty good, I’ve made new life long friends and enjoyed some awesome music.  On MySpace I have blogged before about August 28.    This year the past few weeks have been pretty sad. 

My long time co-worker and friend’s 16 year old son, Hayden Carter, was killed in an automobile accident.  At the funeral home visitation seeing his friends come together to remember and grieve was both sad and inspiring.  Hayden was a skateboarder.  I saw pictures of him “proudly” displaying a scar from a broken arm.  His belongings looked very similar to the things my 14 year old son owns.  When I talked to his dad, Ron, he said the same thing to me that my cousin said about his 19 year old son that died about this time last year and that was, “I just feel like I’ve got to know my son over the past few days, there was so much that I didn’t know.   How many people he helped, inspired, many stories.”  I left the funeral home with an urgent need to spend time with my kids, esp. my teenagers.

Over the summer my father in law really began a steady decline.  Over the past month and a half my husband spent as much time as he could in KY.  His dad was admitted into a nursing home at the beginning of August.  He passed away with his sons by his side in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, August 26.

Roy Gray  was what many people would call an “ordinary man”.  Recently the pastor at my church spoke and blogged about how extraordinary it is to be considered an ordinary man.  In case you don’t click on the link, “Remember this: an extraordinary life is lived in ordinary moments, seizing those ordinary moments and out of them creating something amazing”.  Keith and I got married on his birthday.  It just sorta worked out that way.  He was very much a “say what you mean, and mean what you say” type of person.  He also did not waiver on his beliefs and convictions.  I never knew him to change his mind too many times.  He was a stern man in alot of ways.  It was amazing to me to see him with babies and little kids, he’d hold them, bounce them, carry them around.  But, if one his his sons or daughter in laws hugged him, it was like hugging a tree.  He and Keith’s mom were married for over 50 years when she passed away in 2000.  Mr. Gray (and no, I never called him Roy, I didn’t call him Mr. Gray either, I just sorta avoided addressing him by name) I think truly died of a broken heart.

It was good to spend alot of time with family and friends.  Times like these does remind you that life is short even if some days are long.  I was worried about the kids being behind from missing 4 days of school.  Emilee came in Tuesday with this card.  I thought it was just so thoughtful and a very nice reminder that people do care, and 5th graders can be quite eloquent.

Thanks so much for the emails, cards, flowers, prayers and thoughts sent to us over the past couple of weeks.